Expert Stone Restoration and Marble Polishing Services in Sydney

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Restoration & Repair

Our skilled stone technicians can restore your stone's appearance and lower the risk of further damage if its surface is worn, scratched, chipped, stained, or otherwise damaged. Stone is difficult to replace and quite expensive. However, you can save money and maintain the appearance of your priceless investment by using our professional stone restoration and repair service.

Polishing & Honing

Stone surfaces become dull through time and use. Polishing your stone can enhance its beauty and assist to protect it if you desire a bright stone surface. Using the highest quality polishing methods will increase your stone's clarity and reflectivity, keeping it looking brand new. Natural stone honing is a process that smoothens and refines the surface of stone to achieve a matte or satin finish.

Cleaning & Sealing

All surfaces made of natural stone require regular sealing. This is due to the fact that stone is a porous material by nature and can absorb bacteria, food particles, and liquids that we use in our homes. We can prepare and clean your stone using our cleaning techniques without producing any dust. Our technicians clean the surface with specialised floor buffers, wet diamond pads, or brushes, and a wet vacuum following closely behind to eliminate any water remnants as we go.

Grouting & Re-grouting

Grout provides stability and support to tiles, preventing them from shifting or cracking under pressure.Over time, grout can become stained, cracked, or deteriorated, making the tiles look old and unattractive. Re-grouting removes the damaged grout and replaces it with new material, effectively refreshing the look of the entire surface and restoring its original aesthetic appeal.

Chip & Crack Repair

Natural marble, limestone, and travertine surfaces, which are susceptible to frequent chipping and cracking, benefit immensely from our expertise in using specialized epoxy resins to skillfully restore your stone's integrity, ensuring a flawless and seamless finish that harmoniously blends with its inherent natural beauty; you can trust our professionals to efficiently and effectively revive your stone surfaces to their pristine condition.

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Best Stone Restoration Service Sydney

Welcome to iStone Care, your premier choice for stone restoration in Sydney. We understand that your stone surfaces are much more than an element of your home; they reflect your style and taste. 

Our dedicated team offers top-class stone restoration services across Sydney to keep your surfaces looking pristine, preserving the charm and elegance of your space. Whether it’s marble, travertine, limestone or any other stone surface, our experienced technicians have got you covered.

Stone Repair Sydney

Not all stone surfaces maintain their lustre forever. With time, they tend to lose their sheen due to wear and tear, chipping, cracking, or discolouration. At iStone Care, we provide comprehensive stone repair solutions across Sydney that restore the original appeal of your stone surfaces.

Our experienced team of professionals will first assess the damage to your stone surfaces before crafting a restoration plan. We offer a full re-grouting service, eliminating unsightly grouting and replacing it with robust and visually appealing new grout. Furthermore, we use a colour-matched special epoxy resin for repairing chips and cracks, ensuring seamless repairs that blend with the existing stone.

Regardless of the extent of repair needed, we take special care to restore your stone surfaces with precision and efficiency. By entrusting your stone repair needs to iStone Care, you can rest easy knowing your surfaces are in the hands of Sydney’s seasoned stone repair specialists.

Expert Stone Cleaning, Polishing & Sealing in Sydney


The stunning beauty of stone surfaces lies in their lustre and shine. However, over time, they tend to lose their polish. 


We offer impeccable stone cleaning, polishing and honing services in Sydney that rejuvenate your stone surfaces.

Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment, including specialised floor buffers, wet diamond pads and detail brushes, to clean your surfaces thoroughly and efficiently. For stubborn stains and embedded debris, we offer pressure washing, restoring the natural beauty and elegance of your stonework.


Once cleaned and polished, we seal your stone surfaces with a UV-resistant and long-lasting sealant, enhancing their resistance to dirt, bacteria and liquids. This crucial step helps in extending the life of your stone surfaces, keeping them beautiful and resilient for years to come.

Various types of stone we work with

We believe in providing our clients with all-inclusive stone services. Whether you have marble, granite, travertine, limestone, terrazzo surfaces in need of restoration or repair, we’ve got you covered.

Our team specialises in marble benchtop restoration and marble bathroom restoration, ensuring every area of your Sydney home radiates sophistication and luxury. Our refined process guarantees the preservation of your stone surfaces’ initial integrity while enhancing their visual appeal. Your lavish stone surfaces ought not to be marred by cracks, chips or lost lustre. At iStone Care, we focus on minimising the impact of damage and wear on your esteemed surfaces, maintaining the original allure and charm of your stone installations.

How to extend the life of your stone surfaces?


To ensure the longevity of your stone surfaces, it is essential to follow some maintenance steps along with professional stone restoration and repair services. The first step is frequent cleaning using gentle, non-acidic cleaners suitable for stone surfaces. Stone is naturally porous and can absorb spills quickly, leading to discoloration.


Secondly, make sure to seal your stone surfaces periodically. Avoid dragging heavy furniture or dropping heavy objects on your stone surfaces, as they could lead to chips or cracks. Regularly polishing your stone surfaces helps maintain their shine and prevent dullness. Lastly, hire professional services like iStone Care for routine maintenance and check-ups. This ensures prompt action for any damage, maintaining the life and aesthetics of your stone surfaces.

Why Choose iStone Care For Stone Restoration Sydney?


With a multitude of reasons to choose iStone Care for your stone restoration in Sydney, here are a few that set us apart:

  • Free Quote: Understanding your need for transparency, we provide a free, no-obligation quote upfront.

  • Quality Work: Our team prioritises quality in every task undertaken, ensuring you’re fully satisfied with our work.

  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Your satisfaction is our success. If you aren’t happy, neither are we!

  • Cutting-Edge Equipment: We use advanced technology and premium products for efficient and high-quality results.

  • Specialised Expertise: Our team’s diverse skill sets allow us to handle different types of stone and a variety of restoration techniques.

Are you still contemplating about where to seek stone restoration services in Sydney? Look no further! Give us a call on 0452 029 949 for a free quote or to learn more about our comprehensive stone restoration services across Sydney. At iStone Care, you can expect nothing less than excellent work underpinned by professionalism and dedication.


Finally, remember stone restoration doesn’t only mean damage repair, it means preserving your investment and giving your home the luxe, sophisticated vibe it deserves. Trust iStone Care, the stone restoration Sydney professionals, for keeping your surfaces awe-inspiring and alluringly beautiful.

Recent Projects

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Client Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Jason Cassar
Jason Cassar
Irfan did an Amazing job with my Marble Like new again. Happy to recommend him👌
David T
David T
Irfan was an absolute pleasure to deal with. We engaged him to clean and seal two shower ensuites with terrazzo, and five marble vanities. Right from the initial enquiry, he gave us a very good feeling. He was responsive, punctual and diligent. What I really appreciated about Irfan is he cared a lot about his work. He laid drop sheets to protect our entrance and the floors in between the two bathrooms. And he also patched for us a small crack and applied new silicon in one of the shower ensuites. I will be keeping him in our tradie ‘rolodex’ and calling on his service for our outdoor area. Thank you Irfan for your great service!
Alastair Jensen-Mackinnon
Alastair Jensen-Mackinnon
Irfan from iStone Care came yesterday to clean, hone and seal some travertine tiles in two of our bathrooms. His quote was the most competitive and sent very quickly. He arrived on time at 8am and was courteous, polite and hard working. He came with drop sheets which he laid from the front door to our bathroom. The standard of his work was excellent, we could not fault a thing. We highly recommend iStone Care & Irfan.
Kay Livingstone
Kay Livingstone
irfan of iStone was a pleasure to deal with when we needed our bathroom travertine tiles resurfaced and terrazzo resealed after 14 years. He responded promptly to our inquiry with a written quotation. We had to change our arrangements. This wasn't a problem for Istone. Irfan advised he would arrive at 8am which he did. He returned the second day to complete some additional work that we agreed needed to be done. irfan came with drop sheets which he laid from the front door to our bathroom. He did a great job refurbishing our tiles, regrouting (as additional work) and resealing. There was nothing left for us to do once irfan left. We highly recommend iStone & irfan.
iStone Care did an incredible job restoring my travertine kitchen floors. Their workmanship and professionalism are truly outstanding! Definitely recommend this company. Thank you 🙏🏻 Eylem
Eileen Rickerby
Eileen Rickerby
Fabulous Service Would recommend him for any sandstone work Our pool area was in need of resurfacing & required a lot of attention & now it looks great !Very happy client
Shehab Ahmed
Shehab Ahmed
I am based in Mosman Sydney and I can't praise iStone Care enough for their impeccable travertine floor restoration service. Our floors were in need of a revival, and iStone Care exceeded our expectations. The team showcased unmatched expertise, transforming our travertine surfaces into a masterpiece. From the initial consultation to the final result, their professionalism and attention to detail were evident. If you're seeking top-tier stone restoration in Sydney, iStone Care is the go-to choice.
John Cheng
John Cheng
I engaged Irfan from Istone Care to restore a front of house sandstone steps that were incorrectly laid by my landscaper. The stone had shifted significantly, was not grouted nor cemented to the bed. Irfan was a gentlemen from the start of my engagement when he came to look at the steps. He patiently offered advice and patch tested his proposed solution successfully. His proposed costs were reasonable (having compared another 3 quotes) and I engaged him to rectify the issues. I was happy with his initial work and I re-engaged him to grind down additional stairs + seal so the entire surface would be even with no lip. The stairs now look as wonderful as the day they were first laid (this time done correctly by Irfan). I am very happy to provide this 5 star rating for him. Thank you Irfan. You were wonderful to work with and I wish you the best in your business. You deserve it.
Francis Zhao
Francis Zhao
I asked Irfan to restore my acid etched travertine pavers as well as clean-up and seal. He arrived earlier than I expected, after a quick onsite inspection and sampling, he provided a precise quote that fell in the low end of the agreed estimation range. Irfan was very communicative throughout the entire day, basically informed me of each steps he was about to do. The outcome was of satisfactory as I didn't see any dull area on the etched tiles anymore, the pavers now look natural once again. Will definitely reach him out for the following ongoing maintenance.
Elspeth Arnot
Elspeth Arnot
We recently engaged the services of Istone Care and found Irfan and his team to be exceptiinal in all areas - he was professional, knowledgeable, punctual, and was always very courteous and communicative. We were very happy with the results he delivered and I highly recommend this business. We will be using iStone Care again.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stone Restoration Sydney

Yes, our seasoned team at iStone Care are proficient in restoring numerous types of stone surfaces including marble, travertine, limestone, granite, terrazzo, and natural stone in Sydney.