Expert Stone Restoration and Marble Polishing Services in Sydney

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Stones We Work With

Marble is one of the stones we frequently work with. It can be used for flooring, bench tops, countertops, and fireplaces. To preserve the eternal beauty of marble, we do not use harsh or abrasive cleansers. It has unique cleaning requirements and is stain-prone.

Bluestone is a popular, long-lasting, fashionable, and classy material. Bluestone is used both indoors and outdoors, and it is growing increasingly popular in and around. To restore the natural beauty of your bluestone, we can strip, clean, seal, polish, hone, or resurface it.

Travertine is one of the most resilient and long-lasting natural materials available, and it looks stunning both indoors and out. It is a very fashionable material that is both utilitarian and aesthetically appealing, adding a unique character to any home or company. Travertine pavers are particularly appealing around swimming pools and surrounds since no two tiles are alike. To keep your travertine surfaces looking beautiful, we can repair, renew, regrout, hone, restore, grind, strip, clean, seal, and polish them.



Limestone is a geological stone that has traditionally been found in the Mediterranean and Europe areas. It is formed at the ocean’s bottom and is entirely or primarily composed of calcium carbonate. Limestone is white in its natural state, although it can be tinted with different materials. We can resurface, hone, restore, strip, clean, and seal your limestone surfaces to bring back their lustre.



Sandstone can be cut, polished, and carved for a variety of purposes and comes in a variety of colours, the most frequent of which are brown, grey, white, brown, pink, and yellow. Sandstone tiles are porous and easily scratched, stained, and fractured. Water and oil soluble pollutants are easily absorbed, causing a deterioration process that begins with efflorescence, salt damage, mould and mildew, and eventually surface erosion. We can renew, repair, regrout, hone, restore, grind, strip, polish, and seal your sandstone surfaces to keep them looking magnificent.

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Although terrazzo is extremely durable, it is also extremely porous and easily etched by acids upon contact. Terrazzo absorbs liquids and oils readily, creating stains beneath the surface that can be difficult to remove. Call us today and let our courteous experts handle all of your terrazzo restoration and cleaning needs, including repairing, renewing, regrouting, striping, polishing, and sealing.

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Terracotta tiles are incredibly robust and tough, and they are built to withstand the hardest weather conditions. Terracotta will create a gorgeous floor that is hard wearing, warm, stain resistant, and extremely easy to clean if properly cared for. We have extensive experience restoring terracotta floors. Even the most neglected terracotta can be restored with stunning results.



Porcelain is one of the most popular tile materials in today’s homes. It comes in three different finishes: natural, polished and glazed, and semi-glazed. iStone Care has all of the professional quality tools and materials needed to clean, restore, seal, repair, improve, and preserve your Porcelain tile surfaces, bringing out their inherent beauty.