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Sandstone Cleaning

Give your place a new look with our sandstone cleaning services

Sandstone is made up of small pieces that can break off when it is cleaned. If you are not careful, the stone could become damaged. So, when you do cleaning, you have to take extra care and time to make sure that your surface gets the best care possible. Welcome to our professional sandstone cleaning and sealing services. 

We’ll make sure that your surfaces not only look great but also stay that way for years to come. Our tried-and-true method includes careful inspection, deep cleaning methods, stain-resistant coating, precise sealing, grout cleaning, and polishing the surface to get great results. Call us at 0452 029 949 or email us today to find out more about the services. 

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Our Sandstone Cleaning Services

Surface Cleaning

Cleaning the surface is the first thing that we do to maintain sandstone. It includes getting rid of the dirt, dust, and other things that stick to the surface and build up over time. We use high-pressure water jets to get rid of tough dirt and grime. For delicate surfaces, we use low-pressure water and eco-friendly detergents for soft cleaning.

Stain Removal

Organic matter, oil, grease, and rust are some of the things that can stain sandstone surfaces. Stain removal services are necessary to make sandstone look new again. Different spots need different treatments that are based on what they are made of. 

We use enzymatic cleaners to get rid of organic stains, but solvent-based cleaners are usually needed for oil and grease spots. For rust spots, we use acidic cleaners or poultices to get rid of the stain without hurting the stone.

Diamond Brushing

Our skilled technicians utilize diamond-coated brushes to delicately abrade travertine surfaces, effectively removing imperfections while enhancing texture. This versatile technique ensures exceptional results, from subtle matte finishes to striking high-gloss shines. Elevate the beauty of your travertine surfaces with our Diamond Brushing service, providing unmatched quality and refinement.

Grout Cleaning

We clean the sandstone surface, but we also pay extra attention to the grout lines. Our experts have special tools and know-how to clean grout lines of dirt, mold, and mildew, bringing back their original color and look.

Get Maintenance Support 

Customized care plans are needed to keep sandstone surfaces in great shape and make sure they last a long time. According to the needs of the project, these plans show when to do regular checks, cleanings, and reapplications of sealant. Our regular maintenance plans keep dirt from building up, extend the life of seals, and take care of any problems before they get worse.

Our Proven Cleaning & Sealing Process

Thorough Inspection

Our skilled technicians do a full inspection of the sand surface before they start any cleaning or sealing process. This helps us figure out what areas need extra attention so we can change how we do things to fit those needs.


Prior to cleaning, we prepare the area by removing any loose debris or surface dirt. This ensures that the cleaning process is as effective as possible.

Selection of Cleaning Method

 Depending on the type of stone and the specific issues present, we carefully select the most appropriate cleaning method. This may include techniques such as hot water extraction, steam cleaning, or the use of specialized stone cleaning solutions.


Before proceeding with full-scale cleaning, we conduct spot tests in inconspicuous areas to ensure that the chosen cleaning method is safe and effective for your stone surfaces.

Using industry-leading equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products, we meticulously clean the stone surfaces. We pay close attention to detail to remove dirt, grime, and stains without causing damage to the stone.


Following the cleaning process, we thoroughly rinse the stone surfaces with clean water to remove any remaining cleaning residue and ensure a pristine finish.


We allow the stone surfaces to dry completely before proceeding with any further treatments. This ensures that the stone is not only clean but also free from excess moisture, which can cause issues such as mold or mildew growth.

What can you expect from us?

Qualified and Experienced Team

Our skilled professionals have been trained and have a lot of experience with all parts of cleaning sandstone tiles. We know how to work with sandstone’s unique properties and use specific methods to get the best results.

Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions

We have many cleaning services that can be tailored to your needs when it comes to sandstone tiles. Our experts know how to get great results, whether your tiles need to be deep cleaned, stained removed, or grout fixed.

Advanced Equipment and Techniques

We only use the most up-to-date tools and methods to get the best results when cleaning rock. We can get rid of dirt, grime, and spots on your valuable sandstone tiles without damaging them with our high-tech tools and techniques.

Customised Approach

We know that each sandstone tile is different and may need different cleaning methods. Because of this, we take the time to understand your unique needs and make a rock-cleaning plan that fits them. We pay close attention to every detail to ensure the best result.

Environmentally Friendly Practices

We care about both your health and the health of the earth. We carefully choose eco-friendly cleaning tools so that no harmful chemicals are used during the cleaning process. It will give you peace of mind to know that your sandstone tiles are being cleaned in a good and safe way.

Exceptional Customer Service

We put the happiness of our customers first and work hard to give them a great service experience from beginning to end. Our helpful and skilled staff is always ready to answer your questions about sandstone cleaning, give you advice, and make sure that your needs are met or exceeded.

Competitive Sandstone Cleaning Pricing

We think it’s important to offer good services at fair prices. Our clear price makes sure that you get great value for the money when you hire us to clean your sandstone tiles.

Hire us and get reliable services 

We make sure that your sand surfaces stay clean, safe, and beautiful for years to come with our tried-and-true method and careful attention to detail. Try our expert team today and see the difference!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should sandstone cleaning be done?

Generally, it’s recommended to clean sandstone surfaces annually or bi-annually to prevent the buildup of dirt and prolong its lifespan.

What methods do you use for cleaning sandstone?

We employ a combination of techniques including pressure washing, soft washing, chemical treatments, and manual scrubbing to effectively clean sandstone surfaces without causing damage.

Can you remove stains from my sandstone surfaces?

Yes, our specialized cleaning solutions can effectively remove a wide range of stains from sandstone surfaces.

How long does the sandstone cleaning process take?

The duration of the cleaning process depends on the size of the area, the extent of cleaning required, and the specific techniques employed. We provide a detailed estimate after assessing your property to give you a clear idea of the time involved.

How can I schedule a sandstone cleaning service?

Simply contact us via phone or email to discuss your cleaning needs and schedule an appointment at your convenience. We’ll provide a thorough assessment of your property and recommend the best course of action to rejuvenate your sandstone surfaces.