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Stone Restoration
Bellevue Hill

Has your stone lost its lustre? iStone Care is here to help. Our skilled stone technicians use high-tech equipment to provide affordable and efficient stone restoration services across Bellevue Hill. Using the latest material specific pH controlled detergents, our restoration team can breathe new life into a wide range of different natural stone surfaces.


Whether your stone is weathered, severely damaged or simply has a few too many marks and scratches, no task is too big or too small for us to handle. Once on-site, the iStone team will work hard to restore the surface and extend the stone’s overall lifespan.

Marble Restoration


Restoration & Repair

Our skilled stone technicians can restore your stone's appearance and lower the risk of further damage if its surface is worn, scratched, chipped, stained, or otherwise damaged. Stone is difficult to replace and quite expensive. However, you can save money and maintain the appearance of your priceless investment by using our professional stone restoration and repair service.

Polishing & Honing

Stone surfaces become dull through time and use. Polishing your stone can enhance its beauty and assist to protect it if you desire a bright stone surface. Using the highest quality polishing methods will increase your stone's clarity and reflectivity, keeping it looking brand new.Stone surfaces become dull through time and use. Polishing your stone can enhance its beauty and assist in protecting it if you desire a bright stone surface.

Cleaning & Sealing

All surfaces made of natural stone require regular sealing. This is due to the fact that stone is a porous material by nature and can absorb bacteria, food particles, and liquids that we use in our homes. We can prepare and clean your stone using our cleaning techniques without producing any dust. Our technicians clean the surface with specialised floor buffers, wet diamond pads, or brushes, and a wet vacuum following closely behind to eliminate any water remnants as we go.

Grouting & Re-grouting

Having your tile regrooved can help your tile look better and can also help keep it safe from further harm. When you regrout your tile, you essentially create a barrier between the tile and any potential water damage. This can help your tile to remain in top condition and have a longer lifespan. Furthermore, regrouting might aid in preventing the growth of mould and mildew on your tiles.

Chip & Crack Repair

Natural marble, limestone, and travertine surfaces frequently chip and crack. Repairing chips and cracks in stone surfaces requires the use of special epoxy resins that can be colour matched to imitate the look of the stone.Natural stones, such as granite, marble, limestone, and travertine, are prone to chipping and cracking over time and need to be carefully repaired with specialised epoxy resins.

Reliable Marble, Sandstone, Travertine, Limestone and Granite Repair Services in Bellevue Hill

Replacing stone can be an expensive exercise. Luckily, there are skilled stone experts available in the local area. At iStone Care, we provide innovative and durable stone repair solutions for Bellevue Hill home and business owners.

After years in the stone restoration business, we understand the risks posed by chips and cracks. Alongside the danger of injury due from sharp edges, damaged stone compromises the structure and longevity of the entire slab, tile or paver. 

How can our services help? We use a unique epoxy resin that is colour-matched and proven to aid the repair process for chips and cracks. For further details, feel free to get in touch with us directly!

Marble, Sandstone, Travertine, Limestone and Granite Cleaning in Bellevue Hill – Polishing, Honing and Sealing

Stone surfaces are constantly exposed to the elements, as well as human driven activity that leads to long term wear and tear. As a result, all surfaces that are made of natural stone require regular sealing and periodic cleaning. 

Whether you own granite, travertine, limestone or sandstone, we offer a dedicated stone cleaning service that covers all angles. From applying approved sealants to polishing and honing the surface, we’ll work tirelessly to restore the surface back to the best condition possible.

The iStone Care service involves the use of industrial-grade cleaning methods designed to highlight your stone’s reflective properties. After a thorough clean, we seal your stone using a UV-resistant and long-lasting sealant that makes your stone more resistant to dirt, bacteria, and liquid damage.

Luxury Stone Restoration for Bellevue Hill Residents


With a diverse range of experience, no stone is foreign to our dedicated technicians. From marble and sandstone to limestone, travertine, terrazzo, and granite, our team has the knowledge and skills to handle a large selection of natural stone variations. These stone restorations services also cover more specialised work, including marble and quartz benchtops.

Manage Deep Stains with Pressure Washing


Deep-seated stains and debris can be a challenge to overcome. Luckily, iStone Care offers professional pressure washing across the Bellevue Hill area. A thorough pressure wash can eradicate tough stains, algae on pool surfaces, and deeply embedded debris, and restore your stone’s original vibrancy.


Why Choose iStone Care For Stone Restoration and Repair In Bellevue Hill?


● No-obligation free quotes for utmost transparency.


● A dedicated team of experts guarantees quality work and your satisfaction.


● We use cutting-edge equipment and technologies for efficient and superior results.


● Personalised service tailored for a wide range of stone types and restoration techniques.


● Your happiness matters to us, we’re not finished until you’re satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stone Restoration Sydney

Yes, our seasoned team at iStone Care are proficient in restoring numerous types of stone surfaces including marble, travertine, limestone, granite, terrazzo, and natural stone in Sydney.

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